Acappella Junction Suri Alpacas

new! Very exceptional; virtually unknown. Visit to see

Suris of significance on a small farm!

Because we are unable to get to shows, we had the Suri Network SHIP evaluation by Cheryl Gehly in the spring of 2016. Our shearer in 2017 who raises alpacas, works in the ring with judges and visits over 100 farms a year has sheared for us every year said the 2016 “kids” were the best ever and we were doing something right to continue to improve in the way we have. Our 2017 “kids” were even better. We can’t get to shows because of my back issues so nothing more disappointing than not showing collecting those blankets anymore We ARE the hidden genetic gold mine. Updates on the way.

4 sons at stud, replacement-Lambeau exceptional. Matada (Hanapepe son) right on heels

Acappella Junction Suri Alpacas needed to cut back because my back is in terrible shape and may need more surgery where unsussessful a few years ago. We sold our appies and cut back and still tried to improve. Ship evaluation in 2016 needs to be repeated because we continue to improve. We have 4 stunning Electrofyre offspring now standing at Stud. Lambeau is our virtually unknown Electrofyre replacement but Patricia Harkness did her homework! Chief is the male Cheryl told us to find another white male to stand opposite replacing Electrofyre- Lambeau lives up to expectations and is ready to breed. Champ is a Diamonte son rivaling Electrofyre IMO. His fleece yield is very similar and when both were here at same age, Champ’s fleece was as stunning to put your hands into and to look at. He is cc of his famous sire in head and body noting Diamonte’s excellent head plus boning not to mention beautiful legs. When Champ was shown the judge said he was docked from first and second because of white in his fiber in Feb.( not enough to be indefinite) but in May, it was reported to not be visible by shearer.?. We have AOBA nag. CC, Buckeye JC Doubie also standing at stud. Suri breeders all over should consider our herdsires. Because of the limited Suri gene pool, I am pushing for the Suri Network to evaluate all farms when they are going out to save animals who might end up being destroyed or sold as pets. We knew a breeder’s daughter panicked about her mother’s herd of 200 in the event of death. I had national and regional winning cats where the gene pool was much larger when it was discovered out breed carried an autosomal dominant gene for poly cystic kidney disease. We never know about alpaca discoveries, but we bred it out of our breed of cats. I encourage Suri breeders to support evaluation and rescue of all farms wanting to go out. My lines are exceptional. My improvements are exceptional. A recent buyer who moved to our area said no one where she moved from had Suris as nice. We invite visitors. We have taken on two alpacas weighing less than 40 pounds at about 9 months with exceptional sire and 1 is going to be a breedable female. The other just came and we hope to see her grow as well- 39 lbs in May on arrival with 3.5 pounds of fleece on her. All Suri need to be evaluated, rescued if in need, saved, cherished and in the cases of extremely small alpacas, need to be given the time, attention and diet to mature as best possible. And we as breeders need to be ethical enough to divulge all problems when we sell or use our animals for stud or take our animals to another farm.

We will finance for one year with no interest. Anything over 1 year will be prime plus 1% as of the contract date